Project schedule

An update on the project

Thanks to your help we were able to initiate our project at the beginning of October 2017!

In order to offer a space adapted to the requirements of our future guests with reduced mobility, we made the decision in early 2018 to postpone the final opening of a year.

We will be able to take the time to design and make appropriate adaptations. We will implement them in autumn 2018 for a final opening scheduled for Easter 2019.

Nevertheless, we open the room to everyone from April 2018, but without adaptation.

Where are we ?

The schedule of our project is as follows, we update it as and when the project progresses:

 Beginning of June 2017: offer of purchase to the owners of the house

 End of June 2017: signing of the deposit contract, locking the sale, and payment of the deposit

 Beginning of October 2017: refund of sums incurred & beginning of the rental of the studio (which will become the guest house), pending the full release of the LPPs

 December 12, 2017: the bank Sabadell grants us the mortgage

 December 2, 2017: we are Spanish residents

 February 2, 2018: transfer of all of Eric’s pension to the seller’s account; we can indeed benefit the OAPL (Ordinance for the Accession to Home Ownership)

 February 20, 2018: we are owners ☀

 Spring 2018: Partial opening: sponsorship

 April 3, 2018: Start of construction of the pool

 Autumn 2018: ♿ Beginning of the work of development PRM ♿

 Easter 2019: The opening to all ☀

Opening to all planned in