Delta del Ebro

The Ebro Delta Natural Park is the largest protected wetland in Catalonia, about 7,800 hectares where rice fields charge a different colour depending on the time of year we are, and become a pole of attraction of a rich flora and fauna.

More than 760 different species of flora, where the hurdles, the reeds, the eucalyptus trees and the river honeysuckles stand out. Much of this vegetation has had to adapt to extreme conditions and colonize dunes, saline soils or lagoon areas. The wildlife of the Delta, basically birds, count between 50,000 and 100,000 specimens of nearly 400 species of birds.

The delta’s singularity is expressed through its physical, geographical and natural reality, but also by the specificity of its traditions, culture, architectural heritage and history.

Are you ready to discover a horizontal universe? The delta’s roads and trails are accessible by bicycle and some are also accessible to people with reduced mobility.

  1. Poblenou del Delta — This town stands out in the surroundings as an oasis, with its white houses and landscaped courtyards.
  2. El Trabucador — Its 6.5-km stretch stretches to Punta de La Banya. It is one of the most fragile spaces of the Delta.
  3. Deltebre — This population has one of the information centers and museums of the park (the other one is in Poblenou).
  4. Punta del Fangar — A desert sand where the mirages make appear and disappear islands, dunes and streams.